Helping developers deliver SQL code, reliably and automatically.

(For SQL Server 2000-8, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019 and Azure. Latest feature support driven by customer demand)


Reliably deploying changes to SQL code is one of the hardest things to get right in the development life cycle and things can easily get messed up. We’re here to make sure that they don’t. You could be the best coder in the world but getting your stuff out there and working is only as good as the weakest link in the chain - if that weak link is your SQL change management process then we can help.

We help developers to:

  • Leverage their source control for all their SQL code
  • Bring SQL code into their repeatable build process
  • Deliver SQL code to all the other parts of the software
    development life cycle
  • Create a framework that is repeatable and robust
  • Avoid wasting time using visual/manual database
    comparison and synch tools

"Great work needs great tools."

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Flexible tools for Source Scripting, Building, Comparing, Synchronizing, Creating Delta Scripts, Upgrading, Packaged Remote Delivery; they are all here for schema and static data. Our ethos of non-prescriptive simplicity gives you a flexible approach. You can simply use the tools to fulfil immediate tasks or integrate the tools into you existing development process or use them to easy the culture shock of transition to automated development and change management processes. This is no big bang all or nothing commitment to adoption, you control the learning curve.

White Paper

Read our database change management white paper.

Customer quotes

"Hi Jon. Everything seems to have run through for the maintenance renewal. The other day I download and installed DBG but haven't put it through it's paces yet other than to make sure it was activated etc. I then read as much as I could find on the version history update for the past several version and you know I was already a HUGE fan, but wow (!), you have added (outperformed my expectations !) on the issue I was begging for which was to update only certain columns. If I remember right the last constraint was by table only. What a great use case DBG has now because like I read in your docs, now you can split databases or export certain columns to setup new databases - it's just like SQL Servers model database. For any project I can setup a 'model' database, and using DBG extract all the lookup tables etc. and load them in the model, then during development (or certainly unit testing) I could just new up a new database based on the model it would have a known state with zero work from me. Innovartis - Jon - outstanding work - and thank you (!) George Thank you."
G. McBath
"I appreciate working with all of you at Innovartis. You have saved me and my team an enormous amount of time over the last 10 years."
Miller G.
"Your product saves me so much time, and works so well, I hope you occasionally feel a little inner glow of satisfaction and well-being induced by positive thoughts from the other side of the world."
Dr. P. Davis
"You guys have a great product. Over the last 3 or 4 years all I have done is made a few little tweaks to our project which synchronized databases all over the world. Nothing more. It just works great."

The DB Ghost Process

How the DB Ghost Process can save your business time and money.

From our founder:
This is where I believe we can get you...

• Developers making changes to files within source control, never having to worry about anything outside of their desktop.

• Build processes that the source code and create baseline versions and verifying that the code actually builds a valid database.

• Deploying those known versions to QA or UAT where bugs can be raised against them.

• Developers being able to quickly get the exact code base the testers were using and re-creating the bugs.

• Now it’s easy to fix the bugs within the files, test against the latest code and check in.

• Finally, when the green light is given – a baseline of code is delivered to the live systems and everyone knows exactly what is in the system because anyone can get the exact same code base from source control.

• And the process can repeat again, and again and again and no matter how much time has moved on anyone can get any version of the software at any time with a full audit trail.

Sound familiar? Maybe, but probably not for SQL code. We aim to change that and make SQL code control easy, intuitive and fast. From developer through to live... the words of one of our customers – “it just works”

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Mark Baekdal – CEO and co-founder of Innovartis.

For all versions of SQL Server database and Azure SQL database.